Coins: No Longer a Mystery

I considered the coin market pretty much a mystery until I had investigated it with you people. I had bought a book from a conservative publisher and specifically, Swiss America was mentioned as being very high quality firm with high ethical standards and committed to an honest presentation of the collectibles market. In an area where gold has been surrounded by myth and greed, it's hard to find out who's really an authentic dealer. It was an area where I had no experience, so it provoked a phone call and then it became clear to me that without some tangible assets, playing the market, the stock market or the bond market, was riskier. So, I wanted to reduce my risk and have a tangible base in there somewhere. You clearly described the superiority of the collectibles as having their rarity as a prime factor in terms of their valuation. The bullion market would seem to me to be closer to a gold price function, whereas, the rarity value of the collectibles ends up being the most important factor. And as we progress over the years, that rarity value becomes even more important. It's like a built in level of strength that makes the collectibles much more desirable. I had put in an initial amount of somewhere around $25,000 and it has grown--almost doubled, I guess in the last 2 to 3 years. I'm quite satisfied with it.

- Jon Z.


Numismatics: A Store of Value

I felt that the state of the world economy is so uncertain now, that I needed numismatics as a stable store of value in my portfolio. And I contacted several firms before selecting Swiss America and have certainly not regretted my choice. I've dealt with my broker at Swiss America several years now and their honesty and pledge of service has never been doubted. I'm extremely pleased. I've mentioned it to several friends and others and recommended the firm because of their honesty and trust.

- Peg T.


Coin Performance as Expected

I chose collectible gold because of the safety factors. I felt that it would be something that I could use in case of a monetary breakdown--that I would actually have in my hand. I am very satisfied with my purchases and my coins have done pretty much exactly what Swiss America has told me that they would do. Their sales, service and delivery have been excellent. I've referred several of my close friends because I would like to see them participate in what I feel to be an excellent investment.

- Darvin F.


The Professionalism Sold Me!

I realized the need for the security, particularly facing the changing times that we're in. I feel very, very good about the information that has been furnished by the brokers and the other people. The professionalism and the expert way that they furnished me the information, probably is what really sold me on it. I feel like I was led into a really good thing.

- Mary K.


A Wise Purchase

I just heard their number on the radio. I gave them a call, and gave some other ones a call and after I talked to everybody, I compared my notes and I was most happy with Swiss America. The broker I had - I was real pleased with what he had to say and how he handled everything. I got immediate service; everything was delivered on time. I've been doing business with you for some time now and I've always liked the service I've gotten and I like the quality of the product. They're almost matching the stock market across the board, plus I've got a solid asset to them that you don't have in paper. They are a wise purchase.

- Mr. H